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The Greatest Panamanian Comics Anthology Ever Made Will Blow Your Mind

Several of Panama’s best illustrators and writers have joined forces to make the biggest Panamanian comics anthology a reality and the results are amazing.

Straight from the project’s Ideame page:

The Antología de Historietas Panameñas gathers more than 20 artists between writers and illustrators creating stories in comic book format. Stories range between 4 and 8 pages long for a total of more than 100 full-color pages illustrated in a 6″x9″ book.

The book will feature short stories written and illustrated by high profile artists such as Franco Holness, Albert Weand, Andi Soto, Stephany Salazar, Bruno Chanis and Ricardo Jurado. The stories aren’t connected to each other beyond the fact that they are all produced in their entirety by Panamanian talent, comprising the most ambitious project of this kind that’s ever come out of the Central American country.

Full disclosure: some of the authors in the book including Bruno Chanis are friends of Astromono and used to write for this web site.

The project’s official web site promises to fulfill all the tier rewards they offer “regardless of the funding result”, but with the help of fans the authors hope to improve on the production and printing quality of the book. With 9 days left to end the funding campaign, the project is just shy of $3,000 USD out of the $16,000 they want to get, so you still have time to collaborate and help make more projects like this a reality.

Beyond the value of having a comic book from a different source other than Europe or the US, the book’s big draw is the diversity of its stories, ranging from action-packed superhero capers to D&D-style fantasy and even subtle slice of life tales.

Even if they don’t reach the ideal sum they’re after, it’s clear that comic book anthologies are a rare sight in Panama and even less so at this level. The book is a major step in the right direction towards promoting Panamanian talent both locally and out of the country. As a Panamanian looking in all the way from Barcelona, I am incredibly proud of seeing how this part of art and pop culture is growing in my country.

I look forward to holding this in my hands.

By Luis Landero

Still alive. Creator of Astromono and other unfinished projects. Lover of mustard, pancakes and travel.

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