Señor Loop Comes Back Right On Time For Panama’s Biggest Month

Señor Loop - Cuando Todo Está Bien

Señor Loop is among the few Panamanian bands that can truly walk the line between local pop phenomenon and indie cult darlings. The proof is in their latest two singles.

A new Señor Loop single always feels like unwrapping an unexpected present because their sound is soothing and usually accompanied with equally great lyrics.

This is true especially for the second single, ‘Mes de la Patria’, an homage of sorts to Ruben Blades’ classic song ‘Patria’, considered by many Panamanians to be a second national hymn. In short, it’s patriotic as fuck.

Loop’s sound makes the overarching melody resonate with what people in my country have grown accustomed to associating with patriotism and November, the month alluded to in the song’s title.

It’s sad that the current situation in my country is making November look grim as a showcase of our national values and heritage, but these songs are beautiful nonetheless.

By Luis Landero

Still alive. Creator of Astromono and other unfinished projects. Lover of mustard, pancakes and travel.

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