I’m In Love With The Gorgeous Field Notes National Parks Series

Field Notes National Parks Series
Image: Field Notes

The Field Notes National Parks Series celebrate twelve US parks with beautiful illustrations and their covers have me looking for distributors in Barcelona.

All covers are printed in a custom five-color process that allows the original color of the paper to be part of the illustrations. Each 3-pack of notebooks costs $12.95 and they’re all eye-catching, but I’m torn between Pack A (above) and Pack C right here:

Field Notes National Parks Series
Image: Field Notes

Looking at the covers, the first thought that struck my head was “what if they made posters out of these?” and boom, turns out they already thought of that. Pretty cool.

I’ve had my eye on Field Notes for a while but, whenever I’ve been to a place where notebooks are sold, I’ve always walked away with thick stock hardcovers with higher page counts. I don’t really travel as much as I used to, but after a year or so of paying for a storage container, these slimmer books have definitely become more attractive.

Check the rest of the series here. Thanks to Planner Club for the tip!

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