I’m Writing A Book!

What’s It About?

A LEAP YEAR is a compilation of short travel stories written by me, Luis E. Landero, a young Panamanian writer who decides to travel to Southeast Asia looking to escape his reality.

To achieve this, I hoisted a rucksack over one shoulder and began traveling while working, spending up to my last penny (and then some) across four countries in five months.

About The Book

Have you ever wanted to run out of your office and hop on a plane to get away from life? That is exactly what I did at the beginning of 2014. I was about to hit 30 and six months away from destroying the best relationship I’d ever been in. The anxiety was crippling, and I could not bear to be by my sad lonesome in Panama so, on a whim, I decided to spend every penny in my name to GTFO and see what else was out there. What I found not only blew my mind wide open; it changed my life.

Sagada, Philippines. Photo by Xopau Mendoza.

In 2014, the same year I made this journey, I returned home to begin writing the stories in this book as articles in ASTROMONO, the blog you’re currently reading. I never finished writing them because I ran away again to study in Barcelona, Spain.

After some time, I figured I should finish something important for once in my life, so here they are. The book includes all the articles from the blog as well as many others I never published.

A LEAP YEAR comprises 53 chapters across four countries in Southeast Asia. It is a pretty important chunk of my experience on this planet. I hope you like it.

A LEAP YEAR is currently being edited. I’m on the search for an agent to help me get the book published, starting with the English version. It’s a lot of work and in the end I hope to be able to publish it both in paperback as well as digitally.

If you have any questions or are interested in finding out more, reach out and I’ll be happy to reply.

About The Author

Luis Landero is a freelance illustrator from Panama City — the one in Central America, not the beach in Florida. He backpacked for close to five years, exploring countries in South America, Western Europe, and Southeast Asia while enjoying everything he could about the exciting and often crazy cultures in the places he visited.

He would very much like for you to give his book a shot if you’re curious. Go on. His 2001 self will thank you with a smile.

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