Ms. Marvel #6

Ms. Marvel #6
©Marvel Comics Ms. Marvel #6 – Jacob Wyatt, Ian Herring, G. Willow Wilson

Just in case you missed it up there, these are three select panels from Ms. Marvel #6, a reboot of the quasi-popular character that trades big boobed blonde Carol Danvers for a Pakistani-American teenager called Kamala Khan, who totally rocks, btw imho.


The Bag of Awesome

Pateando Calle: The Bag of Awesome

Right now I’m writing articles from a hostel in Amsterdam, Holland and the first four days of my European trip have been more than amazing, but I still haven’t left the place, so in the meantime here’s a photo of the bag of awesome I packed for my trip. Click on it and see how it gets bigger.  (more…)

Ninjesus Came to Kick Ass and Steal your Lemonade

Ninjesus on Threadless

Every year there’s a sales season on Threadless, where shirts are $5 bucks and my pocket cries tears of love and money. It’s in this same season that I start looking for awesome designs like the one on this shirt.

Look at it, blessing suckas with a square kick to the face. Ninjesus is a legendary warrior, son. So legendary in fact, that he’s never allowed anyone to see him while he goes about his blessing business.

Thanks to the good chap Luis Romero for guiding me towards the light.

Ninjesus @ Threadless

Becky Cloonan and Panama

Becky Cloonan and Panama

Becky Cloonan is not just an artist I’ve been following for more than 10 years, but also one of few comics creators I keep promoting whenever I talk about funny books with friends.


Shovel Knight is My Current Addiction

Shovel Knight por Valentin Seiche

Strike dat earth, little homie! My odyssey with Shovel Knight has been one of sadness and brutal happiness I would’ve never imagined possible. This is currently my choice for game of the year and a video game masterpiece in every possible aspect.

I’ll talk about how this game rocks another time, for now I’ll share this badass fanart done by Valentin Seiche, another French artist who has collaborated with Guillaume Singelin in the Chaud Nem Jump comic compilations.

Air Fortress @ tumblr