Vap Games is Working on Jetpack Squad

The man behind Intrusion 2, Alexey “vap” Abramenko, is working alongside Aleks Nikonov to bring us a new rad-looking shmup called Jetpack Squad. Development is being done on Unity and the game is expected to at least hit PC, Mac and Linux when it’s eventually finished.

Somehow it reminds me of Gunstar Heroes and Noitu Love 2, but with much more crazy stuff going down. I dig it.

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The Last of Us Board Game Decorates Sony HQ

SCEA Senior Producer, Sam Thompson, twitted this photo of a wall at Sony HQ featuring a The Last of Us board game. Continue reading The Last of Us Board Game Decorates Sony HQ

Studio Gojira Shirt Was My Lost Birthday Gift

Studio Gojira Shirt Was My Lost Gift

Who doesn’t like a nice ironic shirt? I don’t know the answer to that, but I’ll tell you right now I do and I cried a little on the inside when I found out this Ript Apparel design was on sale during my birthday and I didn’t take advantage of the sale.

Even though pigboom, the Philippine designer who made it, has his own online store I’m pretty sure this Studio Gojira design won’t cost $10 if and when he puts it on sale. Darny darn.

Update: Yup, his design is up on his official Red Bubble page for $30. A bit pricey (and yes, before you go there I know you can get it for $20 in other places), but it’s worth it if you got the cash and can help support the artist directly.

What’s Playing Steven Universe?

What's Playing Steven Universe?

Apparently it’s Animal Crossing and my favorite Zelda of all time, The Wind Waker. This is the lovely work of Amanda Winterstein, a background painter on Steven Universe, which you should binge watch now that you have time on the holiday break.

More Steven Universe background artists:

Emily Walus • Background Design
Steven Sugar • Background Design
Elle Michalka • Background Painting

Arem by Guillaume Singelin

I love it when a dope artist makes their own rendition of another dope artist’s original characters. Guillaume Singelin (a tasty artist) tries to do just that with Arem Lightstorm, the lead character in Corey S. Lewis‘ fancomic/tribute to Metroid.

There’s another image after the incoming link.

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