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The Last of Us Board Game Decorates Sony HQ

SCEA Senior Producer, Sam Thompson, twitted this photo of a wall at Sony HQ featuring a The Last of Us board game.

The wall was designed by Joe Werner Creative and it looks like a very fun mix of the LIFE and Monopoly board games, which now I want and can’t stop thinking about. The vector-based design looks very clean and simple, but still packs in some tight iconography and detail in the backgrounds. I’d love to see this turned into an actual wallpaper for PCs or even better, a theme for the PS4.

Big thanks to Mr. Thompson for tweeting a second picture after seeing how batshit I went over his first tweet. I went ahead and worked a bit of Photoshop magic to expand on the original. Talk about keeping the fans happy.

The Last of Us Board Game Decorates Sony HQ

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