My E3 2015 Top Whatever: The Rest

While Microsoft and Sony had very good offerings for games at E3 2015, some of those games won’t be playable till next year. The following are all games I was extremely excited to see, some before the show even started and only two of them are coming out after December 2015. (more…)

The Playable Teaser for Jenny LeClue is Awesome

The ill-fated Silent Hills’ introduced the concept of playable teasers and I do hope they become a trend because, if done well, you can get the best possible first impression of a game in a very short time without the spoilery potential of a full-on demo, which is exactly what the team behind Jenny LeClue has accomplished.

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The Appeal of Dragon Quest

The Appeal of Dragon Quest

So… I’m a recent Dragon Quest convert. I’m not ashamed to admit it. After years of evangelizing the gospel of Final Fantasy and Tetsuya Nomura and Hironobu Sakaguchi and all those other wonderful guys, I’ve gotten so disenfranchised with la Última Fantasía that I just said “fuck it, I’m gonna play something good”.

And now I’m enlightened. (more…)

Megasphere is a Roguelike Love Letter from Russia

Megasphere is a Roguelike Love Letter from Russia

Let’s talk about Megasphere. Does it have an awesome pixelated design? Yes. What about eerily creepy, randomized environments? Check. Permadeath and tough as nails enemies? Check.

Physics-based gameplay where everything affects everything and you can destroy pretty much anything you can shoot at? Che-wait, what? But, also, yes.  (more…)

The Big Journey • Northern Philippines Teaser

This is the teaser for the stories in the northern side of mainland Philippines. It’s just a short video of the very first conversation I had after leaving the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, that is, after landing for the first time in proper Southeast Asia. (more…)