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Northern Philippines • The Lumiang Cave

We woke up the next day after our arrival in Sagada, fresh and hungry for adventure and… food. So we got up for breakfast and went to the awesome Yoghurt House practically across the street from our place. If you’re ever there try the pancakes, they’re amazing.

Once we returned to the hostel, a small panel bus awaited to take us to our first destination: The Lumiang Burial Cave. Continue reading Northern Philippines • The Lumiang Cave

Northern Philippines • Enter The Terminator

Want to see the valleys, rice fields and caves in the “true” northern Philippines? Sure, but first why not rest from that 24+ hour beast of a flight schedule you just defeated?

Take it slow and easy, chill and then when you’re rested do what I did and find yourself a crazy Dutch backpacker to shove you through a cannon and shoot you straight up into Adventureland. You gon’ learn how real backpacking is done. Continue reading Northern Philippines • Enter The Terminator

Northern Philippines • Changes

As my plane begins to land on the Ninoy Aquino International Airport I can only look outside through the window and marvel at how many lights are suddenly blinking and moving below. It’s an exciting view, not just because it’s massive, but because it’s also new.

I’m now officially in Southeast Asia. And I am scared and excited. Continue reading Northern Philippines • Changes

The Big Journey • New York City Wrap-Up

The Big Journey • New York City Wrap-Up

It’s Sunday and so ends the first week of #TheBigJourney with stories dedicated to New York and the people I met there.

Next week there will be another short video for the start of my trip in Northern Philippines, but for now here are the stores from the New York chapter, collected for easy reading in case you missed any.

New York City • Classy Friends, Classy Joints

“Whattaya mean it’s ‘just’ New York?” is probably how she’d say it, except she wouldn’t speak with a dragged out Italian/Jewish accent or use contractions. She’s Aisha, the girl who showed me NYC by way of showing me her favorite places to eat and drink in the big city.

When I said visiting the people of New York is better than just visiting New York, I meant her. Continue reading New York City • Classy Friends, Classy Joints

New York City • Departures/Arrivals

March 3rd, 2014. 4 a.m. It was a Monday and even though the sun wasn’t out I could already tell it would be cloudy. I don’t do alarm clocks, so I stayed up all night as per my usual pre-flight paranoia ticks. I spent all night checking my bags while listening to travel songs, which of course I share on Facebook as I remember them.

It was time. Continue reading New York City • Departures/Arrivals