Life With Shisei: The Sacred Art of the Japanese Tattoo

Life with Shisei is one of the awesome shows running on VICE Japan’s Youtube channel which points a light on Horiyoshi III, a famous and enigmatic Japanese tattoo artist with a very serious philosophy about the art and his full-body tattoo suits.

While I can’t relate to his lifestyle of line of work, I find that some of his philosophies as applied to any art form are valid and worth listening to if only to make us think about what we do and why. Check it out.

Sick Geometric Tattoos by Russian Studio ’13tattoo’

The last time I had ink made I was going through a life-changing moment of sorts. Recently I turned 30 and I think I’m feeling like I’m going through one of those again, so I’ve been thinking of getting more ink on my skin, and even though I’m a big fan of circles, these geometric tattoos by the artists at 13tattoo ain’t shabby at all.

Check out their entire gallery on Instagram.