Manila • Sunday Funday

Not all my time in Manila was spent chasing midgets and fighting drunk women, there was a bit of cultural exchange too, thanks to my dumbfound luck in meeting Gordon, a cool Filipino guy who had just enough time to kill on a Sunday.

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Manila • Midget Boxing Blues

I woke up in sunny Manila, a mere 6 hours after arriving at the hostel earlier that morning. It was a Saturday and I felt like going out in town for a beer after getting money back in my pockets. The following is a retelling of the craziest night I had in Manila, Philippines.

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Northern Philippines • The Power of Goodbye

“What did you learn?” is a phrase I used to get asked constantly when I came back from my travels. “What did you see?”, “What did you find?” This story has no photos or videos, partly because I didn’t take any at the time (Stef couldn’t find any either) and partly because, well, I was too busy …

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Northern Philippines • Changes

As my plane begins to land on the Ninoy Aquino International Airport I can only look outside through the window and marvel at how many lights are suddenly blinking and moving below. It’s an exciting view, not just because it’s massive, but because it’s also new. I’m now officially in Southeast Asia. And I am …

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The Big Journey • Northern Philippines Teaser

This is the teaser for the stories in the northern side of mainland Philippines. It’s just a short video of the very first conversation I had after leaving the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, that is, after landing for the first time in proper Southeast Asia. (more…)