Life With Shisei: The Sacred Art of the Japanese Tattoo

Life with Shisei is one of the awesome shows running on VICE Japan’s Youtube channel which points a light on Horiyoshi III, a famous and enigmatic Japanese tattoo artist with a very serious philosophy about the art and his full-body tattoo suits.

While I can’t relate to his lifestyle of line of work, I find that some of his philosophies as applied to any art form are valid and worth listening to if only to make us think about what we do and why. Check it out.

Pizza Hut Cats Operate Restaurant in Japan

Put this one in my “reasons why I want to visit Japan before I die” list. The cardboard-flavored pizza chain, Pizza Hut, has a new ad campaign where one of its restaurants is run entirely by a bunch of lazy, demotivated cats. Sounds familiar?

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