Nubbz – Rise and Fall EP

Nubbz is a Dutch producer I’ve been following for a couple years now. He’s in his lab making really soulful remixes and beats like the ones on his latest EP named Rise and Fall.


Wayward Tide: Pixelated Water Pirates

In the golden age of piracy (the real deal, not the torrents) you and three others can explore this pixelated archipelago in search for riches and fame at all costs, even if it means double crossing someone on the way. This is Wayward Tide, dat new new from the creators of Starbound

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Find Love and Hack Life in else Heart.Break()

else Heart.Break() is an Indie Love/Hacking Sim

I have to come up with better titles, I know, but I just wanted you to not waste your time if The Sims-type  simulation games that involve awesome graphics and a killer story aren’t your thing. I’m not into much into simulation games, but else Heart.Break() looks very special.