Vap Games is Working on Jetpack Squad

The man behind Intrusion 2, Alexey “vap” Abramenko, is working alongside Aleks Nikonov to bring us a new rad-looking shmup called Jetpack Squad. Development is being done on Unity and the game is expected to at least hit PC, Mac and Linux when it’s eventually finished.

Somehow it reminds me of Gunstar Heroes and Noitu Love 2, but with much more crazy stuff going down. I dig it.

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Doko Roko Looks Muy Loco

Doko Roko Looks Muy Loco

Doko Roko is the indie game debut of Okobu Games aka Eric Mack, another one-man army in the making. The game is about magic, huge swords and crazy explosions. Follow development here.

Full disclosure: I totally stole that quip from Destructoid and I’m not ashamed. Deal with this sauce.

The Playable Teaser for Jenny LeClue is Awesome

The ill-fated Silent Hills’ introduced the concept of playable teasers and I do hope they become a trend because, if done well, you can get the best possible first impression of a game in a very short time without the spoilery potential of a full-on demo, which is exactly what the team behind Jenny LeClue has accomplished.

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Bring Your AAA Mecha Game to Regular Human Basketball

Bring Your AAAAA-Game to Regular Human Basketball

Imagine this scenario: you’ve been working full time for a year on this new game that people are anticipating. It looks great, you’re feeling good, people are digging it. It’s awesome, but you’re so tired you gotta take a break from it. So you do that. You take a 2 week break and then come back with Regular Human Basketball.

The crowd goes wild.  (more…)

The Hotline Miami Story

It’s super violent, it’s retro-looking, it has a badass soundtrack and a recently-released sequel, but when Hotline Miami first came out nobody knew these things right off the gate.

Three years later it’s still one of the best indie games I’ve ever played (I recently played it again a few months back before the sequel came out) and an advocate for quality in games made out of basements, in Sweden of all places. If you feel the same way (and also if you don’t) you should check out this short documentary by Complex.

Megasphere is a Roguelike Love Letter from Russia

Megasphere is a Roguelike Love Letter from Russia

Let’s talk about Megasphere. Does it have an awesome pixelated design? Yes. What about eerily creepy, randomized environments? Check. Permadeath and tough as nails enemies? Check.

Physics-based gameplay where everything affects everything and you can destroy pretty much anything you can shoot at? Che-wait, what? But, also, yes.  (more…)

Metro Clash: Developing a Public Brawl

A few weeks back I became a Deep Dungeons of Doom devotee, marveled at how small and super fun this game was, which then lead me to ask who made the designs and animations behind it. That’s how I found Midio and Metro Clash, a new game with public transportation set right at the center …

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