Northern Philippines • Echoes of the Hanging Coffins

I was a bit confused when our bus dropped us off right at the town entrance, where the post office was. Turns out there was a whole side of the place we had not been to yet, hidden in plain sight!

So we start walking across the street like we’re going to the post office, but the guide steers us into a park with kids playing ball while their mothers gossip in benches. There’s a church by the end and we take the road on its left side moving past it and into the cemetery behind. This is were people are being buried nowadays. (more…)

Northern Philippines • Hiking to the Bomod-ok Falls

After our climb back from the Porn Cave, we changed into dry clothes and our guide drove all the way back to the town entrance and up a different part of the valley.

When we got to the drop off,  our guide left with the bus to presumably take a break and we were left to the care of a lady who would guide us through the walk to the Bomod-Ok Falls. (more…)

Northern Philippines • What Happens in the Porn Cave…

If you ever do the cave tour in Sagada, you’ll see Sumaguing Cave, not only a spectacle to traverse through, but also a very fun workout if you’re into spelunking, climbing or getting wet underground.

Oh, it’s also called The Porn Cave which I’m sure we can all agree is the best cave name ever. (more…)

Northern Philippines • The Lumiang Cave

We woke up the next day after our arrival in Sagada, fresh and hungry for adventure and… food. So we got up for breakfast and went to the awesome Yoghurt House practically across the street from our place. If you’re ever there try the pancakes, they’re amazing.

Once we returned to the hostel, a small panel bus awaited to take us to our first destination: The Lumiang Burial Cave. (more…)

Northern Philippines • Enter The Terminator

Want to see the valleys, rice fields and caves in the “true” northern Philippines? Sure, but first why not rest from that 24+ hour beast of a flight schedule you just defeated? Take it slow and easy, chill and then when you’re rested do what I did and find yourself a crazy Dutch backpacker to …

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Northern Philippines • Changes

As my plane begins to land on the Ninoy Aquino International Airport I can only look outside through the window and marvel at how many lights are suddenly blinking and moving below. It’s an exciting view, not just because it’s massive, but because it’s also new. I’m now officially in Southeast Asia. And I am …

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New York City • Departures/Arrivals

March 3rd, 2014. 4 a.m. It was a Monday and even though the sun wasn’t out I could already tell it would be cloudy. I don’t do alarm clocks, so I stayed up all night as per my usual pre-flight paranoia ticks. I spent all night checking my bags while listening to travel songs, which …

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The Big Journey • Intro

For those of you who have read my previous entries in the Pateando Calle series, thank you very much. For those of you who are new readers, welcome. This is an introduction to a very personal series of articles I will name The Big Journey. 

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Pateando Calle: What’s In a Ticket

It all starts with the ticket. I mean, at a glance it’s just a piece of paper, you know? It says your name and your flight number, but really what it is, is the materialization of an escape. A way out in your hand. A call to adventure which you can fold and stick in …

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