My E3 2015 Top Whatever: The Rest

While Microsoft and Sony had very good offerings for games at E3 2015, some of those games won’t be playable till next year. The following are all games I was extremely excited to see, some before the show even started and only two of them are coming out after December 2015. (more…)

Manila • Sunday Funday

Not all my time in Manila was spent chasing midgets and fighting drunk women, there was a bit of cultural exchange too, thanks to my dumbfound luck in meeting Gordon, a cool Filipino guy who had just enough time to kill on a Sunday.

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Manila • Midget Boxing Blues

I woke up in sunny Manila, a mere 6 hours after arriving at the hostel earlier that morning. It was a Saturday and I felt like going out in town for a beer after getting money back in my pockets. The following is a retelling of the craziest night I had in Manila, Philippines.

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Northern Philippines • The Power of Goodbye

“What did you learn?” is a phrase I used to get asked constantly when I came back from my travels. “What did you see?”, “What did you find?” This story has no photos or videos, partly because I didn’t take any at the time (Stef couldn’t find any either) and partly because, well, I was too busy …

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Northern Philippines • Life and Death in Batad

I woke up extremely early that morning and took my laptop to work in the balcony of the restaurant, overlooking the breathtaking view of the valley below. Pauline later joined me and asked a bit about what I do and how I started traveling. Pauline was just merrily backpacking around the world and it seemed that, just …

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Northern Philippines • The Road to Banaue

It must have been a good 10 minutes after meeting Pauline when we were all sitting in the back of one of the three jeepneys that were parked in front of the post office in Sagada, waiting to leave for Banaue.

We’re sitting there surrounded by old ladies carrying big bags full of wares to sell and a chicken. Stef is talking to Pauline, while one of the ladies next to me asks if one of them is my wife and what are we doing in Sagada. The jeepney’s engine starts as soon as I open my mouth to try and answer the lady’s question, careful not to offend anyone or make the blushing in my cheeks too obvious. Suddenly we start rolling out of town and into the valley. Goodbye, Sagada. (more…)

Northern Philippines • Sagada Sunrise

Fresh out of the shower I see Xopau and Stef talking by her room door and they asked if I wanted to tag along with them for a late night dessert. Seeing as I didn’t feel like sleeping or being alone, we all went together to the Sagada Lemon Pie House.

Guess what we had. (more…)