Fastening Days by Hiroyasu Ishida and Studio Colorido

Fastening Days by Hiroyasu Ishida and Studio Colorido

To those of you who know the work of Hiroyasu Ishida, I don’t have to tell you that what comes next is special. To those who don’t know him, I have something cool to show you after the jump.

Fastening Days is Ishida’s most recent animation in a team-up with his frequent collaborators at Studio Colorido. It’s a short film for YKK, a zipper manufacturer (no, for real).

The concept behind the campaign is “Small parts. Big difference”, and the idea behind the animation had to incorporate some reference to the product in question, which seems to me like it was done very well here.

Ishida works under the pen name, “Tete” and currently courses an animation degree in Kyoto Seika University, having won international recognition for single-handedly making animation shorts at an early age.

His most notable work is Fumiko’s Confession, followed by Rain Town, both of which he produced between the ages of 21 and 23 years old. I’m sharing those for you below:

Fumiko’s Confession

Rain Town

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