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Extra Panels #1: Keep the Fear Alive

This extra issue of Panels only has two authors who make webcomics with stories full of scary and suspenseful moments. If you’re in for some creepy tales, these are mandatory reading.

Nothing is Forgotten

Extra Panels #1: Keep the Fear Alive
Nothing is Forgotten by Ryan Andrews

Back in 2010, Ryan Andrews began experimenting with his original ideas in webcomics. First he tried with an illustrated diary and eventually began making mute comics. Two years later, his book named Nothing is Forgotten garnered a following and a successful Kickstarter campaign that’s left fans wanting for more since. Today you can read the four short stories that make up this book entirely for free on his website.

The title story, Nothing is Forgotten, is perhaps my favorite of the bunch because its tone is full of intrigue and I’m a fan for mysterious endings that leave it up the reader to interpret what happened. The other stories are equally dark, with beautiful illustrations and lots of attention to detail: Sarah and the Seed, where an old couple suddenly become parents of… a seed; Our Bloodstained Roof, about young mischief and lots of blood; and The Tunnel, where curiosity comes at a price.

You should definitily check these stories if you’re looking for gripping narratives. Read them here.

Nicholas & Edith

Extra Panels #1: Keep the Fear Alive
Nicholas & Edith by Dan Berry

From the mind of Dan Berry comes this comic which flows in a similar vein to one of the above stories, but adds a more intense and frightening twist.

Nicholas and Edith are two young lovers who belong to families who’ve been in a feud for years. Both love each other in secret, but they haven’t been able to express what they feel because they live in a small port town where everyone is always watching. One day Nicholas decides to ask Edith out for a romantic dinner in a nearby island and this is the part where I stop to avoid giving you spoilers.

The comic was done during the 24 Hour Comic challenge at the Lakes International Comic Art Festival and it’s totally worth the read. You can read it here.

Panels is a weekly column where I talk about one or three comic books I’m reading and why I love them or want to burn them. Read the archive here.

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