New York City • Departures/Arrivals

March 3rd, 2014. 4 a.m. It was a Monday and even though the sun wasn’t out I could already tell it would be cloudy. I don’t do alarm clocks, so I stayed up all night as per my usual pre-flight paranoia ticks. I spent all night checking my bags while listening to travel songs, which …

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The Big Journey • Intro

For those of you who have read my previous entries in the Pateando Calle series, thank you very much. For those of you who are new readers, welcome. This is an introduction to a very personal series of articles I will name The Big Journey. 

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Pateando Calle: What’s In a Ticket

It all starts with the ticket. I mean, at a glance it’s just a piece of paper, you know? It says your name and your flight number, but really what it is, is the materialization of an escape. A way out in your hand. A call to adventure which you can fold and stick in …

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Observed: die Rote Fabrik in Zurich

During the last week of my stay in Zurich I decided to visit a place near the house called Rote Fabrik (Red Factory) with no idea of what I would find in it. What an awesome surprise that was. (more…)

Pateando Calle: My 6 Tips for Backpacking Survival

In a couple of weeks I’ll being writing about my trip to Southeast Asia at the beginning of the year, but before I have a series of posts to show you about stuff I did and interesting things I noticed, starting with my own outlook on travel. Here are my 6 Tips for Backpacking Survival.

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Pateando Calle: Welcome Home

This issue of Pateando Calle is a bit hard to write because it doesn’t fall into the logical sequence of events I’ve been on (I should really write about my second visit to Paris), but also it’s hard because it talks about my feelings in this particular moment.

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