Girls Showing Their Pets in the Same Way

I recently stumbled upon Hans Eijkelboom’s People of the Twenty First Century, a book in which the author spent 20 years compiling pictures of people who dress the same way.

This video of women showing their pets online in the exact same way blows that to mind boggling proportions. (more…)

Odunacam: The Epic Hidden Comic Strips from Liniers

Odunacam: The Epic Hidden Comic Strips from Liniers

Yesterday, the popular Argentinian comic artist, Ricardo Siri Liniers, started publishing some rather “different” comic strips he made for the Spanish magazine, Mongolia, on his official Facebook account.

Update (July 2nd): this week the author has blessed us with 4 new irredeemable strips which I’ve placed at the end of this post.


Ninjesus Came to Kick Ass and Steal your Lemonade

Ninjesus on Threadless

Every year there’s a sales season on Threadless, where shirts are $5 bucks and my pocket cries tears of love and money. It’s in this same season that I start looking for awesome designs like the one on this shirt.

Look at it, blessing suckas with a square kick to the face. Ninjesus is a legendary warrior, son. So legendary in fact, that he’s never allowed anyone to see him while he goes about his blessing business.

Thanks to the good chap Luis Romero for guiding me towards the light.

Ninjesus @ Threadless

Pizza Hut Cats Operate Restaurant in Japan

Put this one in my “reasons why I want to visit Japan before I die” list. The cardboard-flavored pizza chain, Pizza Hut, has a new ad campaign where one of its restaurants is run entirely by a bunch of lazy, demotivated cats. Sounds familiar?

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