Super Review: Shovel Knight

Easily the best Kickstarter game I’ve played so far and a strong contender for game of the year, Shovel Knight is a live example of what every action video game should aspire to be. Thank you, Jacht Club Games!

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Firewatch, the New Hotness by Campo Santo

When I think of Campo Santo, the first thing I see is those awesome Ghibli and Star Wars posters by Olly Moss. I certainly don’t think of a mystery game about a forest guard and his radio. I kinda dig that now.  (more…)

Super Time Force Ultra Stream is GO!

Update: It’s over, but you can watch the final video above.

It’s going down! Come over and hang out at the Super Time Force Ultra stream for an hour while I play the living biscuits and blow stuff up!


Shovel Knight is My Current Addiction

Shovel Knight por Valentin Seiche

Strike dat earth, little homie! My odyssey with Shovel Knight has been one of sadness and brutal happiness I would’ve never imagined possible. This is currently my choice for game of the year and a video game masterpiece in every possible aspect.

I’ll talk about how this game rocks another time, for now I’ll share this badass fanart done by Valentin Seiche, another French artist who has collaborated with Guillaume Singelin in the Chaud Nem Jump comic compilations.

Air Fortress @ tumblr

Super Time Force Ultra Comes Out Today!

Finally! Super Time Force Ultra (STFU) comes out on Steam today and I’ma grab a copy like my life depends on it! There’s a trailer after the jump if you don’t know why I’m all hot and bothered about it.