Master Stars Piece Lupin & Jigen

This weekend I was bombarded by an unhealthy dose of Lupin III as news broke out last week that the gentleman thief would be getting married in the first episode of his new TV series. With the announcement came these Master Stars Piece series of collectibles by Banpresto. (more…)

The LEGO Gallery of Horror

Beautiful LEGO 2: Dark - The LEGO Gallery of Horror
“Cavities” by Dan Parker. 2009, ~1125 pieces.

This piece belongs to Mike Doyle’s new book titled Beautiful LEGO 2: Dark, a compilation of creepy MOGs (My Own Creations) by a dozen artists who build zombies, eeky insects, hellscapes and all kinds of things that lurk in the dark and feed your phobias.

See the rest of the pieces in this Wired gallery.

Beautiful LEGO 2: Dark

Nintendo Amiibo Figures Look Rad

During the weekend, Nintendo hit it out of the park with another Nintendo Direct dedicated to the Nintendo 3DS, in which they announced a metric ton of new stuff, including the date and price for their new Amiibo figures.