Master Stars Piece Lupin & Jigen

This weekend I was bombarded by an unhealthy dose of Lupin III as news broke out last week that the gentleman thief would be getting married in the first episode of his new TV series. With the announcement came these Master Stars Piece series of collectibles by Banpresto. (more…)

Bring Your AAA Mecha Game to Regular Human Basketball

Bring Your AAAAA-Game to Regular Human Basketball

Imagine this scenario: you’ve been working full time for a year on this new game that people are anticipating. It looks great, you’re feeling good, people are digging it. It’s awesome, but you’re so tired you gotta take a break from it. So you do that. You take a 2 week break and then come back with Regular Human Basketball.

The crowd goes wild.  (more…)

The Appeal of Dragon Quest

The Appeal of Dragon Quest

So… I’m a recent Dragon Quest convert. I’m not ashamed to admit it. After years of evangelizing the gospel of Final Fantasy and Tetsuya Nomura and Hironobu Sakaguchi and all those other wonderful guys, I’ve gotten so disenfranchised with la Última Fantasía that I just said “fuck it, I’m gonna play something good”.

And now I’m enlightened. (more…)

The Hotline Miami Story

It’s super violent, it’s retro-looking, it has a badass soundtrack and a recently-released sequel, but when Hotline Miami first came out nobody knew these things right off the gate.

Three years later it’s still one of the best indie games I’ve ever played (I recently played it again a few months back before the sequel came out) and an advocate for quality in games made out of basements, in Sweden of all places. If you feel the same way (and also if you don’t) you should check out this short documentary by Complex.

Megasphere is a Roguelike Love Letter from Russia

Megasphere is a Roguelike Love Letter from Russia

Let’s talk about Megasphere. Does it have an awesome pixelated design? Yes. What about eerily creepy, randomized environments? Check. Permadeath and tough as nails enemies? Check.

Physics-based gameplay where everything affects everything and you can destroy pretty much anything you can shoot at? Che-wait, what? But, also, yes.  (more…)