Ninjesus Came to Kick Ass and Steal your Lemonade

Ninjesus on Threadless

Every year there’s a sales season on Threadless, where shirts are $5 bucks and my pocket cries tears of love and money. It’s in this same season that I start looking for awesome designs like the one on this shirt.

Look at it, blessing suckas with a square kick to the face. Ninjesus is a legendary warrior, son. So legendary in fact, that he’s never allowed anyone to see him while he goes about his blessing business.

Thanks to the good chap Luis Romero for guiding me towards the light.

Ninjesus @ Threadless

Bollo Preñao Attacks with New, Flaming Hot Sauce

Bollo Preñao Ataca con Nuevos Picantes

As always, it’s an honor and a creative pleasure being able to work with Sergio Landero AKA Bollo Preñao. On this joint he asked me to help with labels for his new hot sauce series and I gotta say I liked it a lot and I learned a couple new things in Illustrator. The above pic appeared in his official Instagram yesterday, so I can finally publish this stuff. 🙂  (more…)

Thomas Mikkelsen Illustrates the Teenage Hipster Ninja Turtles

These Ninja Turtle designs are totally radical, dude. Thomas Mikkelsen designed each turtle with some personality aside from eating pizza and using a weapon. I’m really digging his take on Donnie and the fact I don’t need to listen to him talk to know he loves video games/technology and is a bit repressed.

I haven’t seen the Michael “I explode everything that explodes” Bay movie adaptation, perhaps for the same reason I don’t watch the new animations on TV or film. This series was immensely popular with me and my brothers as we were growing up and I want to preserve whatever good image of the characters I have left in my mind, although I would totally go apeshit if these designs were used on a comic book.

There is so much more brutal art for the Ooze Palooza zine over at Mikkelsen’s tumblr, you should go see it. Kowabung, son.

Thomas Mikkelsen @ tumblr

Tasty Artist • Guillaume Singelin

French comic artist, Guillaume Singelin, has a big fat heap of cool work inspired by video games and films from the 80’s and 90’s. Here’s a gallery so you can see what I mean.